Spine Treatment in Israel

Spine conditions affect almost every other person on Earth. Everyone who’d encountered such symptoms wishes to be rid of them as rapidly and as efficiently as possible. Israel offers a selection of top spine treatment specialists. Israeli experts have an excellent record in treating even the most complicated pathologies. In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons medical tourists travel here.

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery in Israel

Knee joint arthroscopy is a surgical procedure, which allows physicians to directly observe the joint with the help of a small camera without having to perform a large incision. It is used to both diagnose and treat a wide array of issues. Due to its limited scope it helps prevent many potential complications that are often seen with more invasive surgeries, and allows patients to recover their quality of your life within a relatively short period.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

Technological advances (such as high-teach biologic joint prostheses and biological adhesives) made Israel the leading destination for knee replacement surgeries. During the operation the surgeon will remove the damages parts of your knee joint and replace them with biocompatible prostheses, ensuring smooth and painless joint motions from then on. The exact sizes and type of the prostheses will be determined by your surgeon during your preoperative exam.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Israel

Hip replacement surgery is an effective way of regaining lower limb function in cases when conservative treatment methods (i.e. with NSAIDs) no longer help. We have vast experience in arranging hip replacement surgery in Israel, and have successfully helped hundreds of patients enjoy a pain-free life. By choosing Manor Medical Center you are opting for professional medical care by the best specialists in Israel

Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment in Israel

Only in Israel Our prices are 13% lower than in EU and the US Innovative Anti-TNF-Alpha Drugs, which can stabilize your condition and halt the disease’s progression Treatment by world’s leading rheumatologists Ankylosing spondylitis (also known as Bechterew’s Disease, Marie-Strumpell Disease and Rheumatoid Spondylitis) is a condition that causes long-term inflammation of the spine and sometimes […]

Herniated Disc Treatment in Israel

Spinal disc hernia, commonly known as a “slipped disc” is a condition when the outer ring of a fibrous disc (which is located between individual vertebrae) is damaged, and allows the disc’s central part to extend beyond it. Disc hernias predominantly occur in lumbar and cervical regions of the vertebral column, but can affect other areas as well. They most commonly develop in patients aged 30 to 60. The condition affects 1 out of every 1000 people. As the treatment process is relatively complicated, it is strongly advised that you seek herniated disc treatment by recognized experts, such as the specialists offering this treatment in Israel.

Shoulder Treatment in Israel

The shoulder joint, which connects the shoulder bone to the scapula, is the body’s most mobile joint. When adhesions form in the articular capsule folds they decrease the joint’s range of motion. This, in turn, necessitates surgical intervention. There are three types of surgery available: Balloon insertion, shoulder replacement surgery, and shoulder arthroscopy. The decision about which procedure will be performed will be made by your treating orthopedist based on MRI and exam results.

Soft Tissue and Bone Cancer Treatment in Israel

Bone and soft tissue cancers are a large and heterogeneous group of malignant mesenchymal tumours. When such a condition (i.e. sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, etc.) is suspected, a very thorough work-up is required to determine the exact type of tumour and devise the most appropriate treatment plan.

Scoliosis Treatment in Israel

Only in Israel Our prices are 17% lower than in EU and the US Minimally-invasive surgeries We utilize neurophysiological monitoring and tomographic navigation systems, which significantly reduce the odds of intraoperative complications Our specialists have performed thousands of corrective scoliosis surgeries The term scoliosis refers to a condition where a person’s spine curves sideways. It […]

Bunion Surgery (Hallux Valgus Treatment) in Israel

Only in Israel Our prices are 13% lower than in EU and the US Cutting-edge treatments: Chevron osteotomy Fully restored foot function in a short time No pain or complications Short rehab Hallux valgus (bunion) is a fairly common joint deformity, characterized by deviation of the big toe (hallux) towards the other toes. While initially […]

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