Israeli medicine is ranked among the best in the world. Every year this fact is confirmed by tens of thousands of foreign patients who come to the country for treatment. The cutting-edge tools that can be found in Israel’s clinics allow physicians to successfully combat even the most serious conditions (including cancer), and help patients who were deemed incurable in other places. Additionally, the ground-breaking diagnostic equipment diagnoses diseases at the earliest stages, when they’re still relatively easy to treat.

Israeli physicians are constantly working on improving the tools used in diagnostics and treatment. This is why Israeli inventions are commonly used in medical centers around the world. Some innovations, however, are yet to go international and available only in Israel.

One of the most significant innovative approaches used in Israel is minimally invasive surgeries, which are performed whenever possible (including procedures utilizing the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System). They help significantly decrease both the number and the intensity of postoperative symptoms, drastically shorten the recovery period, and prevent the formation of large scars.

Israeli specialists also successfully employ the newest methods of cancer treatment. The country is among the leaders in patient survival rates. These include cutting-edge personal biological treatment protocols, RapidArc® Radiotherapy, Gamma and CyberKnife surgeries and many, many more.

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