Innovative Prosigna‌™ Test for Patients with Breast Cancer

Israeli Laboratory of Experimental Medicine (LEM) has begun conducting a one-of-a-kind molecular analysis called Prosigna‌™ test, the purpose of which is to evaluate the likelihood of cancer recurrence. It is based on an algorithm, which is calculated accordance to following criteria:   Gene signature (PAM50) Biologic subtype of tumour Tumour size Lymph node involvement Assessment […]

PET CT Scan in Israel

A PET/CT scan is one of the most current diagnostic tools available at present to physicians. Combining positron-emission and computed tomography capabilities it can map out changes in tissue structure. A built-in computer measures the intensity of contrast uptake. These factors help specialists evaluate the structure and condition of a patient’s internal organs. Please note: […]

Early Melanoma Detection

One of the most important components in treatment of oncological diseases is timely detection. In case of skin cancers, including melanoma, detection can be problematic as initially the lesions are very small in size. FotoFinder The FotoFinder tool for early melanoma diagnostics allows dermatologists to assess the entire skin surface and monitor the condition of […]

3D Mammogram (Breast Tomosynthesis)

Breast tomosynthesis mammography (3D mammogram) is a revolutionary early breast cancer detection technique. For many years this could only be achieved by means of routine mammography scans. While mammograms have greatly improved the breast cancer survival rate, they are considered somewhat limited in scope, as their efficacy in detecting tumours is highly dependent on breast texture (test’s accuracy falls […]

Olafarib – Israeli Development for Cancer Patients with BRCA Mutation

Prof. Bella Kaufman from Sheba Hospital’s Institute of Oncology, is considered one of Israel’s foremost experts in treating breast cancer. Her field of expertise is oncological diseases in patients with BRCA mutation. While her research has the most significance for breast and ovarian cancer patients, it is also used in treatment of other malignancies, such as […]

Foundation One Testing

One of the most important aspects of treating oncological diseases is prevention of recurrence. This is often determined by the treatment given. The more precise a protocol is, the more effectively the drugs will affect the tumour, thus increasing the chances of achieving a lasting remission. The innovative Foundation One Testing technique helps determine the […]


Assuta Medical Center has recently begun utilizing Siemens’ innovative PET-MRI (positron emission tomography–magnetic resonance imaging) scanner. Its main purpose is obtaining in vivo images. A PET-MRI scan can be performed only following an Israeli oncologist’s referral. What are the Advantages of a PET-MRI Scan? The integrated system allows for molecular-genetic imaging. Combining two existing technologies (PET […]

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