Tel-Aviv is famous for its medical centers. Of them, Assuta Medical Center is the most popular and well-regarded amongst international patients, thousands of whom choose to undergo work-up and treatment there on an annual basis.

Founded in the 1930’s, Assuta Hospital, is Israel’s largest private surgical center and is recognized as the country's top medical facility. At present, Assuta's network consists of 4 hospitals and 6 medical facilities in 9 cities in Israel. The center boasts advanced cardiology and cardiac surgery departments, an oncology division, departments of neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery, as well as pain clinics, polysomnography labs, maternal health centers, and an IVF clinic.

Assuta Medical Center’s rapid growth became possible because of its strict adherence to the most stringent European standards and constantly seeking to improve its technological base and raising the professional level of its staff. At present Assuta's medical clinics' are staffed by over 1,500 highly qualified specialists, who earned their education in some of the world’s top medical universities and are considered not only leading experts not only in Israel but worldwide.

Treatment at Assuta Medical Center – Advantages

The main difference between Assuta Hospital and other medical care providers in Israel is that as a private organization, it is not bound by the same restrictions as public hospitals. As such it is free to cooperate with any specialist from any public hospital from whose services it may benefit. Over the years, this invitation has become a mark of quality for Israeli specialists, signifying they’ve been accepted into Israel’s medical elite.

Assuta's main branch, located in Tel-Aviv’s Ramat HaChayal district, has 350 beds and 27 intensive care units. It also boasts a state-of-the-art diagnostics complex that allows its experts to determine the exact diagnosis without losing precious time. Assuta is committed to ensuring its facilities stay at the cutting edge of science and to working with only the very best specialists in their fields.

The center's treatment programs are carefully planned to ensure patients receive not only the highest level of medical care but also that their stay in Israel is maximally pleasant. This is why Assuta’s inpatient rooms are designed to resemble high-quality hotel rooms rather than hospital rooms. Naturally, they are stocked with all the needed state-of-the-art medical equipment. The medical staff is polite, courteous and highly professional. At Assuta Medical Center everything is geared toward making the patient as comfortable as possible, even when the treatments he or she has to undergo are anything but.

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