Israeli Center Grows Bone Tissue in Lab

Yet another futuristic technology has become a reality in Israel: Lab-grown bone tissue was successfully implanted in a patient’s leg. Up until now, patients who suffered disease or trauma-related bone loss disease required an autograft – a complicated procedure involving implantation of healthy osseous tissue harvested from another area in the body into the affected […]

19 July 2018

12-Hour Surgery Saves Life of Israeli Girl with Neck Tumor

An innovative operation performed at Schneider Hospital saved the life of 9-year-old Tara Amar, who was diagnosed with a neck tumor. This was the first such procedure performed in Israel; only a handful of similar interventions have taken place worldwide. The mass in Tara’s neck was first detected approximately two months ago. Subsequent visualizations revealed […]

25 June 2018

Genetic Tumor Profiling & Targeted Treatment – The Future of War on Cancer

Until recently, a cancer’s type determined the treatment protocol. Lately, however, experts pay more and more attention to personalized cancer treatment. Even though at present tumor profiling is indicated in only a limited amount of cases, oncologists worldwide see it as the future of war on cancer. When she was just a few days old, […]

13 June 2018

Scar-Free Facial Reconstruction – Now Available in Israel

Incision-free facial reconstruction surgeries that don’t leave scars are no longer solely the domain of science fiction. ARAM Medical Center’s team managed to reconstruct a patient’s eye socket and cheek bone using a 3D-printed implant; it was then inserted through his eyelid. It is the first procedure of its kind in Israel; only a handful […]

03 June 2018

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