Врачи Израиля

Israeli medicine owes its exceptional reputation first and foremost to local physicians. The competition for medical school places is immense, which means that only the best of the best are given the chance to become doctors. But a medical degree is only the first step. Those who complete the 5-year-long studies program go on to a 2-year internship followed by a 5-year-long residence. This is why most Israeli doctors view their profession as a calling and are often said to be “married to their jobs”.

World-renowned specialists

Top Israeli clinics aren’t looking for “just” good medical practitioners; they only accept the best of the best. This is why local physicians never actually stop learning and continue to work tirelessly on honing their already formidable skills even further throughout their careers. Many of them undergo training in top US or European medical centers. They also regularly develop new treatment techniques, take part in clinical research and serve as instructors in medical schools both in Israel and abroad.

Thanks to doctors’ professionalism and governmental investment, Israeli medicine is constantly improving, and is at the forefront of science. Local specialists constantly develop new treatment methods and technologies. This is why, among other things, patients treated in Israel have very high survival rates and Israelis’ life expectancy is among the highest in the world.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is impossible for the specialists making up the cream of the crop of Israeli medicine to treat every patient. This is the difference between medical tourism departments at public hospitals and medical tourism providers such as Manor Medical Center. You will be assigned a highly-professional and fully competent doctor if you contact a medical tourism department at the former, however, the decision over which physician will treat you will be taken by the hospital, based on its schedule. On the other hand, with Manor you are guaranteed to be treated by a world-renowned expert specializing in your condition.

This is made possible as being a private organization; we are not bound by the same limitations public medical facilities face. Furthermore, over the years, we have developed close relationships with local hospitals and physicians. This creates a win-win situation, on the one hand local specialists benefit from the influx of foreign patients. On the other, and more importantly, our patients receive the absolute best care Israel can provide.

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