The world-renowned Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer (also known as Tel HaShomer Hospital) is located in the city of Ramat-Gan. It opened its doors in 1948, first serving as a military hospital but began accepting civilian patients several years later. At present, Sheba hospital operates 120 departments and clinics, which contain over 2 thousand beds and employ almost 7 thousand staff (including 1,500 physicians), making it the largest medical facility in Israel, and one of the largest medical centers in the entire Middle East. Annually it treats over 1.2 million patients from all over the world. Additionally, Sheba’s specialists regularly provide emergency medical care in hotspots around the world (i.e. Kosovo, Rwanda, Haiti, and Equatorial Guinea).

State-of-the-art Diagnostics and Treatment at Sheba:

Tel HaShomer Hospital was the first medical facility in Israel to successfully perform a heart transplant and to successfully treat a congenital heart defect in a child. The first successful IVF cycle in Israel’s history also took place there.

Most major Israeli universities perform their medical research in cooperation with Sheba Medical Center; Sheba also collaborates with foreign universities. These collaborations made Tel HaShomer world-leader in the fields of cancer research and treatment, cardiology, pulmonology and immunology to name a few, and allow its patients to benefit from the most advanced treatments available.

Sheba Hospital takes special pride in its bone marrow transplantation unit. It is the largest unit in Europe, and is rightfully considered one of the top facilities of its kind in the world. It is responsible for hundreds successful bone marrow transplants and thousands of successful stem cell transplants. Tel HaShomer also boasts the largest and most modern rehabilitation center in Israel, which treats patients requiring physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as comatose and post-operative patients, and women after childbirth. The center enjoys excellent international reputation.

Sheba Medical Center has a top-notch pediatric hospital named after Edmond and Lily Safra. The facility, which holds more than 150 beds, treats over 60 thousand children per year. It is located in a stand-alone building and is stocked with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The pediatric center’s staff regularly takes part in training programs offered by the world’s leading pediatric hospitals.

Additionally, the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer houses Israel’s Institute for Epidemiology and Public Health Policy and the country’s blood bank. To allow future specialists to maximally hone their skills, training at Sheba’s world class Medical Simulation (MSR) facilities is performed with the help of top-of-the-line technologies including robotic patients.

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