Dear patients,

We at Manor Medical Center understand that being asked to entrust your health to a company in a distant country based just on their website may cause some apprehension. With this in mind, we have put as much details regarding the treatment process on our website as we could. To further set you at ease, we would like to introduce our team, so you know who is taking care of you every step of the way.

We hope this will help you make the right choice.

And so, without further ado…

Your application is handled by:

клиника медицинского туризма - Мария Сапиро

Maria Sapiro

Medical Consultant; she is also responsible for responding to you queries in the chat

Полина Пундик

Polina Pundik

Medical Consultant & Partner Relations Manager

Medical Consultant

Елена Мишурис

Lena Mishuris

Medical Consultant & Patient Relations Manager

Your case is reviewed by our Medical Director (alongside top Israeli experts):

Доктор Александр Каневский

Dr Alexander Kanevsky, MD, PHD

Medical Director

The treatment schedule is prepared by:

Ксения Теплицкий

Ksenia Teplizky

Head of Coordination Department

Наталья Алейников

Natalia Aleinikova

Medical Secretary

Татьяна Солдатенко

Tatiana Soldatenko

Medical Secretary

All logistics/ground transfer-related matters are be handled by:

Инга Манор

Inga Manor

Administrative Concierge

Рая Шафир

Raya Shafir

Patient Logistics Coordinator

You will be picked up at the airport by:

Григорий Шафир

Grigoriy Shafir

Medical Coordinator

The treatment program is overseen by:

IMG-20180213-WA0010 (1)

Dr Alexander Gochberg

Senior In-House Physician

Dr Gochberg will be happy to answer any and all questions that arise during your treatment in Israel

You will be accompanied to your medical procedures by:

Доктор Вероника Абуашвили

Dr Veronica Abuashvili

Medical Coordinator

Либи Бен Эзра

Libi Ben Ezra

Medical Coordinator

Йоси Горальник

Yosi Goralnik

Medical Coordinator

Сергей Гуня

Sergey Gunya

Medical Coordinator

Татьяна Гендельман

Tatiana Handelman

Medical Coordinator

Елена Лифшиц

Elena Livshitz

Medical Coordinator

Елена Сорокин

Elena Sorokin

Medical Coordinator

Доктор Александр Штейнберг

Dr Alex Steinberg

Medical Coordinator

Станислав Варшавский

Stanislav Varshavsky

Medical Coordinator

All your leisure/travel-related questions will be answered by:

Инга Манор

Inga Manor

Administrative concierge

Payment for treatment is made to our accountants:

Галина Росинская

Galina Rosinski

Head Accountant

Юлия Ицыкcон

Yulia Itsykson


Your translated medical documents will be sent to you by:

Наталья Алейников

Natalia Aleinikova

Medical Secretary

The efficiency, expediency and quality of all our departments’ work is ensured by the company’s management:

Ами Манор

Ami Manor

Founder and President

Михаил Баркан

Mikhail Barkan


Доктор Александр Каневский

Dr Alexander Kanevsky, MD, PHD

Medical Director

Алекс Бельский

Alex Belski

Marketing Manager