Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

Technological advances (such as high-teach biologic joint prostheses and biological adhesives) made Israel the leading destination for knee replacement surgeries. During the operation the surgeon will remove the damages parts of your knee joint and replace them with biocompatible prostheses, ensuring smooth and painless joint motions from then on. The exact sizes and type of the prostheses will be determined by your surgeon during your preoperative exam.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Israel

Hip replacement surgery is an effective way of regaining lower limb function in cases when conservative treatment methods (i.e. with NSAIDs) no longer help. We have vast experience in arranging hip replacement surgery in Israel, and have successfully helped hundreds of patients enjoy a pain-free life. By choosing Manor Medical Center you are opting for professional medical care by the best specialists in Israel

Shoulder Treatment in Israel

The shoulder joint, which connects the shoulder bone to the scapula, is the body’s most mobile joint. When adhesions form in the articular capsule folds they decrease the joint’s range of motion. This, in turn, necessitates surgical intervention. There are three types of surgery available: Balloon insertion, shoulder replacement surgery, and shoulder arthroscopy. The decision about which procedure will be performed will be made by your treating orthopedist based on MRI and exam results.

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