Manor Medical Group is one of the most experienced medical services providers in Israel. It started out as a supplier of radiography equipment and Israeli medical and pharmaceutical innovations, with its main market being Eastern European countries. A short while later, having identified the potential for Medical tourism in Israel, where patients can receive world-class medical care at affordable prices, Manor changed its main field of operations. Today Manor Medical Group is considered to be a leader in the field not only in Israel, but also worldwide.

Our success stems from our ability to quickly and efficiently organize diagnostics and treatment for our patients, so they can begin their road to recovery as soon as possible. To this extent we have:

  • Developed strong working relations with Israel’s leading medical centers and top specialists.
  • Developed comprehensive packages for our patients, which include accommodation, transfers to and from the hotel for medical procedures, accompaniment by highly-qualified coordinators and translation of all medical documents.
  • Made health care in Israel affordable – Manor made medical treatment in Israel accessible to patients who were previously denied the chance to seek medical assistance in the country due to prohibitive prices. At the same time we also offer exclusive VIP packages – we’ve helped Olympic athletes, CEOs and senior political figures.

Thanks to our partnership agreements with top Israeli medical centers such as Sheba Tel Ha-Shomer, Ichilov and Assuta, the name Manor Medical Group has become synonymous with medical tourism in Israel (Manor serves as the official representative of these centers). We also work together with state-of-the-art private health care facilities such as Herzliya Medical Center, NARA, and world-renowned specialists in different disciplines.

Medical Tourism in Israel – Why Choose Manor

Manor provides high quality services with maximal efficacy. Every month we help dozens of patients with a wide range of diagnoses (such as oncological diseases, spinal hernias and injuries, varicosis, infertility and so on). We take special pride in the thank you letters we receive from our patients and the fact that most of our patients choose to refer their friends and relatives to us.

Our prices (which include a complementary package with medical escort by Manor’s coordinators, translation of medical documents, consultations with in-house physicians, etc.) are not only significantly lower than both our local and international competitors’, but they’re also LOWER than prices that patients who contact the medical tourism departments of Israeli medical centers pay!!!

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Medical Tourism in Israel - Medical treatment in Israel

Sound too good to be true, doesn’t it? It isn’t!

Our rock-bottom prices are possible thanks to our “modular approach” mode of operation. This is how it works: At present, most Israeli hospitals are public. The skilled specialists employed in them treat the hospital’s patients, and dedicate their remaining time to research and private practice. At the same time, a specialist from Ichilov Hospital (for example) cannot practice at Sheba. Most medical tourism in Israel providers “attach” their patients to one particular medical center. That means they undergo treatment according to that center’s schedule, alongside all the center’s other patients.

Manor Medical Group chose a different approach. We found an ideal platform for treating our patients at the private [[Assuta Medical Center]]. Assuta is unique in that while it possesses state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch medical equipment, it has almost no staff of its own. Instead, the hospital invites the country’s top specialists to use its facilities for diagnostic/operative procedures as part of their private practice. An invitation from Assuta has become a “seal of quality” for Israeli specialists.

Taking the above into account, Manor focused its efforts on establishing a partnership with Assuta. At present we serve as the medical center’s representatives and are responsible for most of the international patients it treats.

Medical Treatment in Israel with Manor Medical Group – Because Time Matters

This special status allows Manor Medical Group several advantages:

  1. Discounted prices for treatments and diagnostic procedures.
  2. Priority access to Assuta’s facilities – this allows us to provide diagnostics and medical treatment in Israel in an expedited manner, significantly shortening the amount of time our patients need to stay in Israel for (thus cutting down their accommodation costs and day-to-day expenses, which constitute a significant part of expenses for patients who seek medical treatment abroad).
  3. The ability to have our patients treated by the best experts in their fields, without being limited to staff members of one particular medical facility.

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    Please note that Manor Medical Group also works with public hospitals as well as other private medical facilities as needed. As mentioned above, this allows us to make diagnostics & medical treatment in Israel as fast and efficient as possible. In other words, patients who contact the departments of medical tourism of various public hospitals directly might have to remain in Israel for weeks or even months for their diagnostics and treatments.

    The same procedures will take place only a fraction of a time for Manor patients (usually, no more than a week). Even more, Manor will take care of the accommodation arrangements for you, so you and your loved can concentrate solely on your health!

    In order to best serve our patients, Manor has a team of in-house physicians, which is headed by Dr. Alexander Kanevsky, PHD. Our specialists have extensive experience working in Israeli medical facilities. They will oversee the treatment in Israel and keep in touch with you after you travel back home.

    Our motto is Where Quality Meets Expediency. This policy helped Manor Medical Group become the leader in medical tourism in Israel, and we are not stopping at this.

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