Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in Israel

Only in Israel Our prices are 11% lower than in EU and the US We offer DBS (deep brain stimulation) therapy in cases of drug-resistant tremors Parkinson’s disease is a progressive central nervous system disorder that primarily affects the motor system. Its symptoms are caused by the progressive deterioration of neurons in the substantia nigra, […]

Brain Surgery & Brain Tumour Treatment in Israel

Only in Israel Our prices are 19% lower than in EU and the US Minimally-invasive surgeries We utilize neurophysiological monitoring and tomographic navigation systems In cases of pituitary adenoma we offer transnasal surgeries In cases of operable brain tumours the main course of action is a craniotomy to remove the mass. The resected mass is […]

Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Israel

Brain (cerebral) aneurysms are bulging, weakened areas of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. When brain aneurysms rupture, they cause a subarchanoid hemorrhage, which may result in brain damage or even death. As it is a dangerous condition, if you have any of the risk factors listed below, you should seek  treatment as soon as […]

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