Foundation One TestingOne of the most important aspects of treating oncological diseases is prevention of recurrence. This is often determined by the treatment given. The more precise a protocol is, the more effectively the drugs will affect the tumour, thus increasing the chances of achieving a lasting remission. The innovative Foundation One Testing technique helps determine the optimal treatment for each individual patient. The genomic profiling assay is used to reveal changes in DNA that drive the cancer’s growth. After the results are ready specialists can devise a treatment protocol specifically designed to target the observed changes in DNA.

Foundation One Testing allows specialists to learn:

  • Tumour’s unique genetic characteristics
  • Which of the available therapies has the most chance of success
  • Whether taking part in a clinical trial is indicated

The assay is used to study all genes related to cancer growth and identifies all possible DNA damage (such as breaks, insertions, deletions, etc.). The enormous database (more than 60 thousand people have undergone it) allows to decipher the growth’s genome, thus increasing the chances of determining the reason the cancer developed.

What do I Need to Undergo Foundation One Testing?

A small sample of the tumour tissue (obtained during surgery or by means of biopsy) is required to conduct the assay.

Please note that in some cases your sample may turn out to be too small or of insufficient quality to be tested.

How to get tested

In order to have the test performed you will need to:

  • Fill out a specialized request and provide a sample of the tumour
  • Undergo an oncologist consultation


Results will be available within 14-21 business days.

Over 60 thousand people have undergone Foundation One Testing so far, creating the largest database of oncologic diseases of its kind, and increasing the odds of new patients being assigned a treatment that will result in a lasting remission.

Test Types:

  • FoundationOne Once – used for patients diagnosed with solid tumours
  • FoundationOne Heme – used for patients diagnosed with hemato-oncological diseases and sarcomas

Patient Testimonials

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