Are you looking for breast cancer treatment in Israel? Breast carcinoma is the most common malignancy for women. In Israel the disease is considered to have a favorable treatment outcome as long as it is detected at an early stage.

You are advised to promptly seek treatment if you experience any of the following common breast cancer symptoms:

  • Changes in shape/colour of nipples
  • Ulceration on nipples
  • Breast swelling
  • Discharge from nipple
  • Lump in breast
  • Constant breast pain
  • Nipple retraction

Breast Cancer Treatment in Israel – Treatment plan and prices


Manor Medical Group's breast cancer treatment in Israel program is operated in line with the most up-to-date internationally recognized diagnosis/treatment protocols:

The first step entails investigating the tumour’s characteristics and ruling out metastases. During this stage the following examinations will take place:

  • Full blood workup (including tumour markers)
  • 3D Mammography, US scan & consultation with a diagnostic radiologist specializing in senology
  • Breast and, if indicated, lymph node biopsy (FNA and/or CNB under US guidance) and pathological study including hormone receptors (revision of pathological study can be performed if one had been performed previously)
  • Whole body PET/CT to rule out metastases (it is possible to perform a CT scan instead; however, it is less precise)
  • Final breast surgeon consultation and formulating a treatment plan

Duration of the first stage (including pathology results): 7-8 working days.

In case the diagnosis is confirmed, your treating oncologist will discuss the breast cancer treatment options with you and determine the most fitting one:


Performed if the mass is small in size and no metastases have been detected.

  • Prior to the surgery you will undergo routine preparation including an ECG, chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation
  • Following these investigations you will undergo the surgery. Price of treatment includes 2 days of hospitalization at a semi-private room, preoperative isotope injection (to mark the tumour), disposable surgical materials, express biopsy of the removed mass and lymph nodes to determine surgical margins, definitive histopathological and immunostaining
  • Optional: Intraoperative assessment using MarginProbe® to rule out positive margins and thus reduce chances of breast cancer recurrence.
  • When the tumour is large or in cases of metastatic breast cancer preoperative chemotherapy may be indicated.

The surgery will take place at Assuta Hospital’s advanced surgical facility.

Please Note

The suggested treatment program (with a specialist recommended by us) will take place at Assuta Medical Center. If you would like, we can instead arrange the treatment at one of Israel’s public hospitals. In such case, the cost of the surgery (not including the logistics package) will be 20 to 30 per cent lower. However, while we can definitely guarantee that the surgery will be performed by one of that hospital’s top experts, the name of the particular expert will be selected based on their rotation schedule.

It is advised that you receive the pathological study results before you leave Israel and consult an oncological senologist, who will detail the postoperative chemotherapy schedule and the recommended radiation therapy dates. Normally it would be possible for you to undergo chemotherapy as an outpatient at your country of residence.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Israel – Statistics & Treatment Outcomes:

According to statistics, 5% of women will develop breast carcinoma over the course of their lives. However, when diagnosed at an early stage the disease is considered to have a favorable prognosis. Success chances largely depend on size of the tumour, its level of malignancy, and whether or not it has metastasized.

According to specialists, the incidence rate of breast carcinoma has increased over the past 50 years, while the average age of diagnosis drastically decreased (although the amount of patients over 60 with breast malignancy has also been on the rise). The risk of developing cancer is approximately 5 to 6 times higher for women who have family members, who have been diagnosed with the disease. Additionally, presence of BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutations increases the risk of developing a breast malignancy for both women and men.

Remember that the earlier breast carcinoma is diagnosed, the better are your chances of defeating the disease. Don’t lose valuable time. Contact us now to receive your treatment program.

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