Intrabeam RadiotherapyIntrabeam radiotherapy is a new intraoperative breast cancer treatment, which is designed to prevent recurrence of the disease and spare the patients from having to undergo post-operative radiation therapy. The treatment is performed during an organ-sparing surgery ([[lumpectomy]]). After removing the tumour, the surgeon will insert the Intrabeam device into the cavity. Radiation is then delivered over 20-30 minutes to destroy any remaining malignant cells.

Clinical studies, performed in 115 medical centers all over the world have confirmed that the technology is effective in reducing the recurrence rates, and can spare breast cancer patients further medical treatment.

When is Intrabeam Radiotherapy Indicated?

Intrabeam radiotherapy is indicated in the following cases:

  • Patients over 45
  • Stage 1 or 2 breast cancer with the tumour not exceeding 3 cm in diameter
  • No lymph nodes metastases
  • Negative (clear) surgical margins
  • ER+ disease

Intrabeam IORT – Advantages

  • Treatment course is shortened by 6 weeks
  • Reduces rate of cancer recurrence
  • Targeted irradiation of tumour cells
  • Higher radiation doses with less damage to adjacent healthy tissues
  • Less side effects

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