Testimonial №10



I was going to Tel Aviv on business, and having not long before that discovered a lump in my breast, decided to schedule an exam by a world-class mammologist. That lump was pretty large and solid. I first felt it just before New Year’s.

I left my details the day before I was scheduled to travel. At half past eight the same day I got a call from Daniel.  After we spoke he emailed me the diagnostics programme and cost of the procedures. I wasn’t required to pay anything in advance!

I was examined by world-class specialist Prof. Moshe Pappa, who referred me for a mammology and biopsy. I was naturally scared, however, but the awesome coordinators Tania and Veronique were there by my side to support me through the process.

After the biopsy I returned home and a few days later got the translations of the summaries of the medical procedures I underwent. Everything is okay, only follow-up is required. I will go back to Israel in a year for repeat mammography and breast US. I only trust Israeli doctors! I want to thank Manor for the impeccably organized treatment programme and the expediency with which it was arranged.

Apr. 2014

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