Medtronic's minimally invasive pacemakerMicra™ Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS), the world’s smallest pacemaker is now available in three medical centers in Israel. It only measures 1/10th of a regular device, which is why it can be implanted by means of a minimally invasive pacemaker surgery. It is delivered through the inguinal vein without the need for an invasive procedure!

How does the Micra™ TPS work?

Micra represents a breakthrough in pacemaker implantation procedures – for the first time ever in Israel a miniature pacing system could be inserted without an invasive thoracotomy. This new device is a 2.5 cm large capsule that is delivered through an inguinal vein.

The capsule functions independently, so no additional devices are required. On the contrary, most other contemporary artificial cardiac pacemakers come with leads that connect to the heart. These are not required for the Micra system to function!

From the very beginning, patients who received the Micra TPSs reported less side effects than those who had undergone traditional pacemaker surgery. Aside from reduced medical risks, the new procedure does not leave cosmetic defects (such as scars). Simply put, it is impossible to tell that someone had this procedure done by simply looking at them. Additionally, Micra does not require the creation of a special subcutaneous pocket, which can also cause complications later on.

The TPS is capable of sending data remotely, is not a contraindication for MRI scans and can function for over 10 years! It is indicated for patients suffering from arrhythmias.

If you require pacemaker surgery and are interested in a minimally invasive pacemaker implantation procedure please contact us via the form on this page or by email!

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