Stomach carcinoma is a malignant tumour which develops in the gastric mucosa. It is one of the most common cancers. It can affect any part of the stomach, and tends to metastasize into the esophagus, lungs and/or liver.

Up until a few years ago, the diagnosis left very little hope – the 5 year survival rate for patients with stomach cancer with metastases to regional lymph nodes stood below 50 per cent. However, recent improvements in both operative techniques and in chemotherapy protocols, which are utilized as part of stomach cancer treatment in Israel, have helped significantly improve patients' chances of recovery.

Treatment Program

If stomach carcinoma is suspected, it is vital to conduct the relevant workup as swiftly as possible. It is also extremely important to choose the right specialist and clinic. By choosing Manor Medical Group you are guaranteed treatment by world-renowned experts at state-of-the-art clinics.

The stomach cancer treatment program in Israel begins with a thorough work up aimed at determining the type and exact location of the tumor and ruling out distant metastases.

Please note that even if you have previously undergone a gastroscopy and biopsy we still insist on a full workup, as specified below:

  • Extensive blood workup (including tumour markers)
  • Pathology revision (please bring slides from your previous biopsy with you to Israel)
  • Gastroscopy with a new biopsy
  • Expedited (48 hours) histopathological and histochemical studies
  • PET CT scan
  • Abdominal surgical oncologist consultation
  • Gastric oncologist consultation

The investigation will take 4 business days to complete. Procedures are to take place at the modern Assuta Hospital in Tel-Aviv. If the disease has not spread beyong stomach and regional lymph nodes, the treatment of choice is surgery. Routine preoperative preparation includes an ECG, a chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation.


Cost of surgery includes the following:

  • Laparoscopic ultrasound navigation (to determine precise area of resection)
  • Laparoscopic/open surgery: Partial or total gastrectomy (as indicated) and up to 6 days of hospitalization
  • Express intraoperative histopathological investigation of gastric tissues and lymph nodes (to evaluate resection borders and preserve as much of the stomach as possible)
  • Disposable surgical materials (staplers, harmonic scalpels, bioadhesives, etc.)
  • Conclusive histochemical and histopathological investigations (resected tissue)

It is advised you remain in Israel for approximately 14 days following your discharge from the hospital for outpatient follow-up and care. During this period you will have a post-operative gastric oncologist consultation to discuss further treatment options (such as chemotherapy). You will also be referred to a clinical dietitian. Both surgery and postoperative care will take place at Assuta Medical Center.

Please Note

The suggested treatment program (with a specialist recommended by us) will take place at Assuta Medical Center. If you would like, we can instead arrange the treatment at one of Israel’s public hospitals. In such case, the cost of the surgery (not including the logistics package) will be 20 to 30 per cent lower. However, while we can definitely guarantee that the surgery will be performed by one of that hospital’s top experts, the name of the particular expert will be selected based on their rotation schedule.


If the disease is found to have spread beyond the regional lymph nodes into other organs and/or the omentum, you will be referred for neoadjuvant chemotherapy. As therapy protocols depend on the type of tumour, an additional histopathological study will be required. The chemotherapy protocols will be determined by leading Israeli specialists at Assuta.

Following 3 to 6 cycles of chemotherapy (weekly or every three weeks, depending on the exact diagnosis), a repeat PET-CT scan and gastric oncologist's consultation will take place to evaluate response to treatment and possibility of a surgical intervention.

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