Brain (cerebral) aneurysms are bulging, weakened areas of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. When brain aneurysms rupture, they cause a subarchanoid hemorrhage, which may result in brain damage or even death. As it is a dangerous condition, if you have any of the risk factors listed below, you should seek  treatment as soon as possible.

Risk Factors

If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, you might be at risk of death as a result of cerebral aneurysm rupture.

  • Congenital blood vessel defects
  • Connective tissue disease
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Arteriovenous malformations
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Past head injuries
  • Late stage syphilis


The condition is frighteningly common. According to Brain Aneurysm Foundation statistics, it affects 1 in 50 Americans. The annual rupture rate is 8-10 cases per 100,000, which amounts to approximately 30 thousand people in the USA. Approximately 40 percent of cerebral aneurysm ruptures result in death.

Cerebral aneurysms are often asymptomatic, so they can go unnoticed for years. Only a quarter of those who survived an aneurysm rupture reported having experienced symptoms beforehand. This makes the condition especially dangerous. Aneurysms can form in any part of the brain (though posterior aneurysms are more common). The bulge will balloon as it fills with blood and eventually start to compress a nerve ending or the surrounding tissue. In some cases this leads to symptoms such as blurred vision, severe headaches and neck pain, as well as changed speech. Most cerebral aneurysms are discovered accidentally, during an ultrasound scan or X-ray.

Aneurysms can measure from around 11 mm (for small ones) to over 25 mm in diameter (for giant ones). When one ruptures, blood is released into the spaces around the brain – this is referred to as a “subarachnoid hemorrhage”, which is a type of a stroke. Most survivors are left with some degree of permanent functional impairment. This is why treatment is not something that can wait for later. If you have been diagnosed with the condition, you must seek immediate treatment!

Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Israel

We have vast experience in arranging cerebral aneurysm treatment in Israel, and have successfully helped dozens of patients with this condition. By choosing Manor Medical Center you are opting for professional medical care by the best neurosurgeons in Israel. At present, the most promising brain aneurysm treatment technique is therapeutic brain angiography. This procedure allows specialists to ascertain the aneurysm’s exact location and size. If needed, catheterization and coiling are performed.


The cost of the treatment program will include the following:

  • Brain MR angiography
  • Neurosurgeon consultation
  • Routine preoperative preparation (ECG, chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation)
  • Surgery: Brain catheterization and possible intravascular stenting. Price includes 3 days of hospitalization (1 day in reanimation).
  • Disposable surgical materials, stent and catheterization equipment

The investigations will take 2 business days to complete.

You will need to remain in Israel for approximately 5 days following your discharge.

We will provide you with copies of all your medical records translated into English. As part of our treatment package we will keep in touch with you after you leave Israel to make sure your recovery is going to plan. If needed, you can contact us or your treating physician with any questions/concerns you might have.

Please Note

The suggested treatment program (with a specialist recommended by us) will take place at Assuta Medical Center. If you would like, we can instead arrange the treatment at one of Israel’s public hospitals. In such case, the cost of the surgery (not including the logistics package) will be 20 to 30 per cent lower. However, while we can definitely guarantee that the surgery will be performed by one of that hospital’s top experts, the name of the particular expert will be selected based on their rotation schedule.

Cerebral aneurysms will not go away on their own. They are “ticking bombs” that can rupture at any moment, causing a stroke, which will leave you paralyzed or dead. This is why time is of the essence. You should seek medical consultation ASAP. Send us your medical information through our [[file uploader tool]].  Based on this info, our Israeli experts will draft a brain aneurysm treatment program for you. The initial long distance doctor’s consultation is FREE OF CHARGE. Alternatively, you can choose to have all your diagnostic procedures done in Israel.

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