In cases of operable brain tumours the main course of action is a craniotomy to remove the mass. The resected mass is then sent for histopathological study. Our brain surgery in Israel program consists of two stages – diagnosis and surgical intervention.


  • Extensive blood work-up according to standard protocols
  • Visual fields test
  • Neurosurgeon consultation
  • Routine preoperative preparation (ECG, chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation)
  • Navigational MRI

In cases where the tumour is deemed to be inoperable, we offer fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy with exact localization of the tumour and individual radiation dose calibration.

Operative Stage

  • Operative procedure and 4 days of hospitalization at the dept. of neurosurgery (incl. 1 day in reanimation)
  • Neurophysiological monitoring
  • Disposable surgical materials & equipment
  • Express biopsy and definitive histopathological study

You will need to remain in Israel for approximately 14 days following your discharge. Usually it is enough for the histopathology results to be ready.  Further course of treatment will depend on type of tumour. You may only require follow-up, or the treating specialist might refer you for radiation treatment or chemotherapy.

If either of the latter is required, you can choose whether to undergo them in Israel or at your country of residence according to our protocols. If you would prefer to have the treatment here, it will take place at Assuta Tel-Aviv’s oncology unit. We will arrange neuro-oncologist and radiation therapist consultations for you as needed.

Please Note

The suggested treatment program (with a specialist recommended by us) will take place at Assuta Medical Center. If you would like, we can instead arrange the treatment at one of Israel’s public hospitals. In such case, the cost of the surgery (not including the logistics package) will be 20 to 30 per cent lower. However, while we can definitely guarantee that the surgery will be performed by one of that hospital’s top experts, the name of the particular expert will be selected based on their rotation schedule.

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