Prof. Zohar Dotan serves as the head of Sheba Tel HaShomer Hospital‘s Uro-oncology Department and as the head of the Israeli Society of Uro-Oncology. He is a world-renowned specialist and recipient of several prestigious awards, including the American Association of Clinical Surgery’s Prize for Research.

Prof. Dotan graduated from Tel Aviv University’s Medical School. During his residency at Sheba Medical Center’s Department of Urology (1995 to 2001) he also received a PhD in genetics from Tel Aviv University. His fellowship took place at the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Oncology Center in New York (between 2002 and 2005), where he specialized in uro-oncology and laparoscopic surgery.

Prof. Dotan’s areas of expertise include urological disorders and operative treatment of renal, prostatic, bladder, testicular tumours. He is also one of the pioneers in the field of robotized laparoscopic surgery.

Prof. Zohar Dotan also completed the da Vinci robotic Surgical System Off-Site Training Program for a Console Surgeons, at the European Institute of TeleSurgery, Strasbourg, France. He is a regular participant of international symposiums in the fields of uro-oncology and has published over 50 articles. He is fluent in English and Hebrew.

Professional Associations & Societies:

  • Israeli Urological Association
  • American Urological Association
  • European Urological Association
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Israel Medical Association
  • The European Endolaparoscopy Association

Research Interests

    • Prostate Carcinoma
      • Improved staging of prostate carcinoma using MRI
      • Obtaining better functional results following radical prostatectomy
    • Bladder Carcinoma
      • Improving diagnosis of bladder carcinoma through epigenetic markers usage
      • Improving bladder carcinoma staging through use of prognostic indicators and imaging studies
    •  Renal Carcinoma
      • Usage of molecular markers to improve diagnosis and staging of renal tumors, as well as assessment of tumour progression.
      • Advanced surgical techniques
      • Minimally-invasive surgery for kidney tumours
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