Testimonial №30

Alexander Z.


I contacted Manor Medical after I was diagnosed with suspected middle lobe lung cancer. I’d heard about the company earlier, and all their reviews were positive. After contacting Manor’s representative I told her about my medical issues and sent her the medical documents she requested. Within 24 hours we were given a treatment program and a date when to come to Israel. Once we arrived in Israel all the diagnostic procedures were completed within 3 working days, and I was then referred for a consultation with pulmonary oncologist Dr. Amir Onn. My treatment plan was ready a few short days later.

We were constantly cared for during our entire stay in Israel. We were picked up from (and driven to when we left) the airport, Manor assisted us with finding accommodation, their car was always at the hotel’s door at the exact scheduled time to take me to my medical procedures, and they also helped in arranging a trip to Jerusalem.

The treatment I received from the physicians, nurses and coordinators was nothing short of exemplary. This first and foremost is relevant for the wonderful Dr. Onn.

Everything, including the translations of our medical documents was arranged in a swift manner. My wife and I still can’t get over the surprise of seeing such a small country run such an efficient medical care system.

We thank you for the bottom of our hearts for the care you’ve provided. May you be healthy and prosper!

Kind Regards,

Alexander Z.
Sep. 2015

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