Testimonial №29



Good morning!

I am very happy to have chosen treatment with Manor Medical!

First and foremost I would like to give my thanks to customer relations manager Elena Savekina. She gave clear and concise answers to all my questions. The information I received from her convinced me that I was making the right choice, and I didn’t regret my decision. I also want to thank Dr. Irmin for her understanding and professionalism. Her medical report calmed me down and I can now look forward with optimism.

Additionally, I would like to thank travel manager Inga Manor, who arranged the recreational part of my stay in Israel. It helped me immensely. Leonid, the tour guide, who showed me around Jerusalem, was great! Thanks to him I was introduced to Israel’s rich and fascinated history. I am coming home filled with a ton of positive memories.

To all off Manor’s staff I thank for the attention you gave me, your understanding and sensitivity.

I wish you all health, joy and peace!

July 2015

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