Testimonial №9

Daria & Andrei


On behalf of all our family we want to thank Manor Medical Center and Dr. Naum Margolin. Unfortunately, the doctors in my home country were unable to determine the nature of my episodes. Dr. Margolin, however, was able to discover what was going on and recommend a treatment, which I’m currently undergoing.

I want to personally thank several members of the Manor staff:

Elena – for the speed with which she arranged everything for us

Ilya – for the accommodations he found for us and answering any questions we had about travelling to Israel

Mark – a great coordinator, who helped us a lot

Veronica – for her help

To sum things up I’d like to say that MMC fulfilled every obligation, including picking us up from the airport, accommodation, diagnostics and arranging our return travel. Everything was done on the highest level.

I want to wish your esteemed firm to continue to do well, and health and many successes to your staff.

Thank you again!

Daria & Andrei
Jan. 2014

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