Obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by significant accumulation of excess body fat. It is diagnosed when one’s BMI (a person’s weight divided by his height squared) exceeds 30 kg/m2 (25-30 is considered overweight). People suffering from obesity are at an increased risk of developing serious medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, joint disorders and even certain types of cancers. Patients who are unable to lose weight by dieting and exercise can be referred to bariatric surgery: gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Banding

This technique has been in use for many years. During the laparoscopic procedure an easily removable silicone band is placed around the stomach, restricting the amount of food it can hold. This band can then be adjusted (tightened or loosened) according to medical indications.

Cost of the procedure is comprised of:
  • Routine preoperative preparation (ECG, chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation)
  • Surgeon consultation
  • Procedure and 1 day of hospitalization
  • Disposable surgical materials and silicone band

You will need to remain in Israel for up to 2 weeks following the surgery and follow a specialized diet.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is the most popular bariatric surgery and is associated with high success rates. During the procedure a bariatric surgeon will remove a portion of your stomach to make it smaller.

Cost of the procedure is comprised of:

Pre-operative investigations:

  • Blood workup (CBC, CMP, electrolyte levels, lipid profile, coagulation factor, HbA1C)
  • Urine workup (urinalysis and cortisol levels in a 24-hour sample)
  • Hepatitis serology
  • Abdominal US scan
  • Gastroscopy & colonoscopy (under general anesthesia)
  • Optional: Biopsy during gastroscopy/colonoscopy
  • EchoCG
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Bariatric surgeon consultation
  • Endocrinologist consultation
  • Dietician consultation
  • Psychologist’s consultation
  • Routine preoperative preparation (ECG, chest X-ray and an anesthesiologist consultation)
Surgical intervention:
  • Procedure and 2 days of hospitalization at Assuta Medical Center
  • Disposable surgical materials and equipment

You will need to remain in Israel for 2 weeks following the surgery. A follow-up bariatric surgeon consultation will be scheduled for post-operative day 10.

Bariatric Surgery in Israel

Obesity is a lot beyond simple discomfort. People suffering from the condition find themselves at an increased risk of developing various complications and concomitant conditions. For example, patients with obesity are at tenfold risk of developing diabetes, four times more likely to suffer from hypertension, and are more likely to have lower limb joint problems. They are also at a significantly increased risk of developing heart disease, which is the main cause of death among people with obesity and cancer. There is a solution! Manor's Obesity Treatment in Israel program offers bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) that will help you lose the extra pounds.

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