The term diabetes mellitus refers to a number of conditions which result in constantly elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels. Most common symptoms include frequent urination and increased thirst. As if left untreated the disease can lead to serious complications (diabetes complications include heart disease, kidney failure, ulcers and [[non-healing wounds]], loss of vision, strokes, amputations, coma, or even death), it is extremely important to begin diabetes treatment once it has been diagnosed.

What Causes Diabetes

Modern science identifies 3 types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes – develops as a result of the pancreas’ inability to produce a sufficient amount of insulin. It most commonly affects children under 12, but can also appear in older ages. While exact causes are hereto unknown, it is believed it that both genetic and environmental factors are at play.
  • Type 2 diabetes (NIDDM) – develops as a result of insulin resistance (the body stopping to respond to insulin in the correct manner) and/or reduction in the amount of insulin produced by the body. Usually develops after 40. Risk factors include obesity.
  • Gestational diabetes – affects between 2 and 10 per cent of all pregnancies and may disappear following delivery.

Diabetes Treatment in Israel

The diabetes treatment in Israel program begins with a diagnostics stage, during which local specialists will both evaluate the status of your endocrine system and conduct tests to rule out any diabetes-related complications. Listed below are the basic investigations:

  • Blood work-up (CBC, SMAC, electrolyte levels, lipids profile, coagulation factors, HbA1C) and urine analyses (urinalysis and 24-hour urine protein test)
  • Ophthalmologist’s exam
  • Renal Doppler US scan
  • Abdominal US scan
  • Optional: Doppler scan of lower limbs to evaluate the status of blood vessels
  • Optional: EMG of lower limbs
  • Endocrinologist’s exam
  • Dietician’s consultations

All aforementioned investigations will take place at [[Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv]] and will take 4 working days. Please note, however, that some tests’ results take up to 14 days to complete. A basic treatment protocol will be drafted based on the results of the other exams. It may be subject to change one those tests results are available (we will send you the updated recommendations on diabetes treatment – there is no need for you to stay in Israel for the duration).

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