Testimonial №34



Dear Dr. Alexander,

The letter I got from you yesterday and the biopsy results made me delighted. I’m ecstatic to not have to go back for another surgery. I should say that thanks to you and your team I don’t have horrible memories from the previous trips and procedures.

Thank you, Dr. Alexander, for your diligent work in treating all my medical issues.

Thank you, Xenia, for your hard work arranging all my procedures.

Thanks you, Inga, for arranging my leisure time.

Thank you, Raya, for taking care of all the logistics.

Thank you, Michael, for helping me purchase all the medications.

And, of course, a giant thank you to my coordinator Yossi, who is a real one-man band. His attentiveness, patience and spirit can make any situation brighter. He always knows just the right thing to say! Most importantly, he loves his job and us cranky patients.

You’ve managed to assemble an incredible highly professional team that helps people. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Feb. 2016

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