Testimonial №12



I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Manor team. I underwent treatment at your center in 2012-2013 for hepatitis C. I was first treated in Russia with Pegasys and Rivaribin. The viral load was not measurable during treatment, but the disease returned after it finished. I encountered Manor when I was searching for further treatment.

Today I can say with certainty: I made the right choice!

Both the medical specialists and your centers staff were highly professional.

We were surrounded by care from the very first moment we stepped on Israeli soil. I was accompanied to all medical procedures by attentive coordinators, and all the experts we saw were top class. The coin dropped after I consulted Dr. Yoav Lurie

I also want to personally thank Dr. Kanevsky, who remotely consulted me for over a year, analyzed the medical data I sent him and made timely recommendations, which helped me avoid side effects from the potent medications I was on and successfully complete my course the treatment.

Thank you and good luck to your center!

Tatiana Russia
Apr. 2014

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