Testimonial №4



I want to tell you about what happened to me 2012.

I found out I was sick by complete chance. I went on the internet trying to figure out what to do next, and found myself on Manor’s website. 5 minutes later I was talking to a lovely young woman name Lena via Skype arranging my trip to Israel. A week later I met her personally, alongside the center’s medical director Dr. Alexander Kanevsky and the medical coordinators who escorted me to and from the procedures.

I’d like to start by commending the efficiency and expediency with which everything was done. Thanks to the center’s staff’s efforts it took me just 5 days from the moment I stepped on Israeli soil to complete the diagnostic phase (in comparison, the competitors offered me programs, which lasted at least 7 days).

Because of how complicated my diagnosis was I required consultations by 3 specialists, who later operated on me: ENT surgeon Dr. Avi Hefetz, plastic surgeon Dr. Aharon Amir and Dr. Mark Pann. They probably are three of Israel’s best physicians. Thank to them my very complicated, 8-hour-long surgery was a success. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. They did nothing short of the impossible, and very soon I was, as they say, “as good as new”.

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without the orchestrated efforts of the coordinators. I was mostly escorted by Eugene and Libby. I want to tell you one thing – they treated me as if I was a member of their family. They not only did their job impeccably but were also there when I needed moral support, making me forget I was thousands of miles from home and seriously ill. For that I’m endlessly greatful.

I am back home now, undergoing rehabilitation following radiation therapy. It’s a tough, paint process, but it’s comforting to know that any time I have a question about my health I can contact Lena, and they will promptly get back to me with an answer from one of the specialists, who treated me when I was in Israel.

Once my treatment is done I will have regular follow-ups in Israel for the following 2 years. I’m very happy that it is them, who will monitor my health.

Thank you very much, Manor Medical staff! And thanks to my treating specialists. I’m delighted to have ended up with you! I wish you and your families health and joy and love and piece. What you do for your patients is immense!

See you soon!

Jan. 2013

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