Testimonial №16

Maria U.


I want to thank you on behalf of my family! Our dream has finally come true – we’re finally parents to a daughter!

Sofia was born in Miami (by C-section) on the 1st of August (51 cm, 3.2 kg, 9/9 Apgar score). I believe The fact that I was able to carry this pregnancy is down to the combined efforts of Manor Medical Center staff and Dr. Yaacov Cohen

Thank you for your efforts! You were quick to respond to any inquiry I had. I always recommend you when the subject arises, so don’t be surprised to see more people from Canada and the US.

I would like to personally thanks Lena, Yossi, Libby, Veronica, Tatiana, Sergei, Ilana and all the coordinators who accompanied us in Israel, and also to Raya, Svetlana, Xenia, Dr. Anna and Dr. Igor, to Michael and Dr. Alexander Kanevsky. All of Manor’s staff members are attentive and generous people. Every issue that arose during my stay in Israel, no matter how small, was resolved without delay, and gave me all the support I needed during that trying period. There is so much more I want to say, but, unfortunately, I have to cut this letter short as Sofia just woke up…

Thank you very much and all the best,

Maria U.
Oct. 2014

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