Testimonial №22



Both my family and I were really impressed with your center’s standards of care. I almost didn’t want to go back home.

Everything went very well. We are very happy with everything from the moment of pick-up at the airport to the moment we boarded the return plane. I was also impressed by being offered several accommodation possibilities to choose from.

About the clinics – everything was done at the highest levels, and the personal was extremely pleasant. I can only dream the personal in our local clinics is half as good.

I understand that perhaps a procedure such as mine is nothing out of ordinary for the specialists who treated me, but for me the surgery was a big deal (after all, it’s not something you go through every day). I got a bit lost amongst the sea of unfamiliar people, and, naturally, as soon as I saw the doctor I forgot everything I was going to tell him, and only remembered half the questions I wanted to ask him after I left.

I’m feeling well. As advised, I took the DARCO boot off on the 8th. Now I’m carefully putting weight on the foot. I still get swelling at the joint, but my toes don’t. I’m still on sick leave from work. I’ll keep you updated about my recovery.

Thank you all for taking care of the arrangements for the surgery!

A special thank you to Dr. Alexander Kalganov who operated on me.

To Alla and Inga for their patience.

My regards to everyone in company and good luck! I will keep in touch.

Mar. 2015

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