Testimonial №26

Irene L.


Good time of day! I want to again express my deep gratitude to Manor Medical Group’s staff and to Dr. Alex Kanevsky personally.

I underwent a discectomy in November 2013. I came to Israel in pain, unable to stand, and left pain-free, standing on my own two feet. It’s nothing short of a miracle, a miracle by the name of Dr. Ilya Pekarsky! It’s been a year and a half since the surgery now. I’ve forgotten what the word pain means. I can walk, dance, take care of my beloved garden, work. Not a day goes by without me fondly remembering the precious Dr. Pekarsky and the people who helped me in a country that was foreign to me! These are Daniel, Libby, Tania, Lena, Sveta and Lilian, Inga, and, of course, Dr. Kanevsky. Their coordinated efforts made everything starting with my arrival in Israel flow smoothly. They were truly wonderful! Additionally, I’d like to thank Dr. Ella! Their attention to details and professionalism helped me immensely! Thanks to these amazing people Israel has become close to my heart! Unfortunately, my condition immediately following the surgery didn’t allow me to visit the Holy places and swim in the Dead Sea. I for sure will come back there one day to get to know the country better, this time as a tourist.

I wish all Manor staff the best and good luck in their noble calling and peace to your wonderful country!

Irene L. Kazakhstan
June, 2015

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