Testimonial №1



Good day dear Dr. Kanevsky and Manor Medical personnel!

I apologize for taking this long to write to you, but my treatment was very tough. My head was filled with all kinds of bad thoughts and fears. Now, having seen the result of my follow-up, I’m overjoyed! Suddenly I can see myself leading a full life and not spend every waking moment thinking about my diagnosis.

I haven’t regretted choosing you. Not for a moment. From the first moment I couldn’t stop being surprised at what surrounded me in Israel. I have never seen such a friendly and professional collective. The technologies make Israel look like it’s living in the 25th century!  Except the high-tech medical equipment and highly-skilled doctors we, patients, need compassion and warmth and the belief that our condition is beatable. All this was there thanks to your team, who made me feel like I was one of them.

Thank you so much, Alexander, Lena, Lilian, Veronica, Michael, Dr. Tatiana Rabin and Prof. Ben-Baruch. And a special thank you to Lena Sorokina, whose special energetic never let my head drop. Keep it up!

To all who are facing the difficult choice of where to get treatment I have only one suggestion: Go to Israel, but only with MMC!

Best Regards,

Dec. 2012

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