Unhealthy habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption and a high-fat diet put you at an increased risk of developing various diseases (including respiratory and cardiovascular conditions). In the early stages a large part of them can be either asymptomatic or present only general symptoms one might dismiss as tiredness or insufficient sleep. This results in such conditions being diagnosed only at an advanced stage, at which treatment is a lot more complicated and may necessitate surgical intervention, rather than medicinal treatment.

Screening for Smoking Program

  • Blood work-up (CBC, CMP and coagulation factors)
  • Respiratory tests (at rest and after exercising for 6 minutes)
  • Chest CT (without contrast material)
  • Exam by one of the country’s leading pulmonologists

Screening for Alcohol Abuse Program

  • Blood work-up (CBC, CMP, coagulation factors, AFP levels, hepatitides serology)
  • Abdominal US scan
  • Exam by one of the country’s leading hepatologists

The unhealthy habits screening program is intended for patients over the age of 35

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