Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes chronic skin inflammation, which presents as raised red patches on the skin. Psoriatic plaque typically appears on the outside of the elbows or knees or on the scalp. Though the severity of the symptoms may vary from patient to patient, the disease tends to progress if left untreated. Our psoriasis treatment in Israel program offers several options: medicinal therapy (most common choice), phototherapy (requires extended stay in Israel) or Dead Sea treatment.


  • Extensive blood workup (including CBC, CMP, electrolyte levels, lipid profile, coagulation factors and hormonal profile)
  • Abdominal US scan & Doppler
  • Dermatologist exam
  • Optional: Skin biopsy & histopathological study to determine psoriasis type

Length of basic program: 3-4 business days. All the investigations take place on the 1st day. All the results (including the biopsy) will be available on day 4 at the latest. At this point you will receive recommendations regarding optimal treatment.

The diagnostics phase of our psoriasis treatment in Israel program takes place at Assuta Hospital in Tel-Aviv. Treatment protocols will be drafted based on the aforementioned investigations' results.

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