A complete Men’s Health Check-up, including urologic screening is a very important tool in the prevention and early detection of genitourinary system diseases and urinary tract infections. Almost 80% of men are suffering from chronic occult genitourinary disorders, which, when detected at an early stage, can be easily treated. The screening, which is aimed at men over the age of 40, will help detect and treat conditions you were not aware of.

Men’s Health Check-up & Urinary Tract Infections Screening Program Cost

  • Expanded blood tests (CBC, CMP, electrolyte levels, lipid profile, testosterone levels, PSA and free PSA levels, coagulation factors, ESR and VDRL)
  • Urine analysis (urinalysis and urine culture, STIs)
  • US scan of urinary tract (including assessment of post-void residual urine)
  • Consultation with leading specialist in the field of urology and andrology

The men’s health check-up & urinary tract infections screening program is intended for men over 40

All aforementioned investigations will take place inside 1 business day. The urologist consultation will take place on the 3rd day of your stay in Israel. You will receive the results of most of the investigations immediately before the consultation. The men’s health check-up & urinary tract infections screening program will take place at the renowned Assuta Hospital.

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