What are Chronic Nonspecific Lung Diseases?

Chronic nonspecific lung diseases (CNSLD) are a heterogeneous group of conditions affecting the respiratory system, which includes asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and obstructive lung disease. As treatment can vary significantly, determining the correct diagnosis is of utmost importance. This is why Manor Medical Group’s Lung Disease Treatment in Israel program begins with a very thorough workup, which will assess the extent of the damage to the airways (i.e. obstruction or restriction), your lung tissue and whether the condition has affected the heart. If indicated, allergological investigations will also be performed. Only once all of the information has been obtained, your treating pulmonologist will be able to draft an effective treatment protocol.


  • Full blood workup (CBC, CMP, tumour markers, lipid profile, hormone profile, electrolyte levels and immunoglobulins)
  • Pulmonary function tests (spirometry, diffusion capacity and blood gas analysis at rest and following exercise)
  • High-resolution lung CT scan
  • EchoCG
  • Pulmonary oncologist consultation (during which you will be given recommendations regarding lung disease treatment)


Depending on findings and your PMH history, you may also be referred for:

  • Respiratory allergy tests and an allergist’s consultation
  • Bronchoscopy (with biopsies, BAL, and culture)

Please note that bronchoscopies are usually performed when lung tumours or bronchiectasis are suspected, or in cases of pulmonary lymphadenopathy.

Once the results of the investigations are ready, a senior pulmonologist will determine the optimal lung disease treatment protocol. Duration of program: 4 business days. The aforementioned diagnostic procedures will take place at Assuta Medical Center.

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