Do you constantly suffer from a runny nose, chronic sinusitis (sinus infections), periodic nosebleeds, frequent headaches and impaired sense of smell? If you do, you are likely to have sinus problems or be suffering from a deviated septum, and may require septoplasty. The condition is extremely common, affecting roughly 1 in 10 Americans. Often, as the symptoms can be similar to those of a cold, they are ignored, allowing the disease to progress and potentially lead to complications. Israeli specialists have vast experience with this type of treatment and will help you to quickly get rid of the symptoms.

Septoplasty & Sinus Disease Treatment in Israel

Nasal septum deviation refers to a condition when the bone and/or cartilage part of the wall that separates the nasal passages are abnormally bent. It can be congenital or result from a facial injury (i.e. a broken nose). Left untreated, it can lead to breathing difficulties, and cause snoring and sleep apnea. It's a common misconception that the condition can be treated conservatively. That only holds true for a small percentage of patients. In most cases, conservative therapy will provide only temporary relief, after which the symptoms will come back, more pronounced than before. The treatment that offers the best outcome and the only one that can guarantee a full recovery is a surgery called septoplasty.

We have vast experience in arranging sinus disease treatment in Israel, and have successfully helped dozens of patients with the condition. By choosing Manor Medical Center, you are opting for professional medical care by the best neurosurgeons in Israel. The exact treatment method will be selected by your treating physician according to diagnostics and exam results.

Diagnostics and sinus surgery will take place at the state-of-the-art Assuta Medical Center.

Septoplasty Cost

Before the treatment plan can be finalized, a series of investigations is required to determine the exact type of intervention needed and their extent .

The diagnosis stage will include the following:

  • Sinus CT scan
  • ENT specialist exam (will include a nasal endoscopy)

Depending on the results, the ENT specialist will refer you for one of the following surgeries. Please note that routine preoperative operation including lab work up, ECG, chest X-ray and anesthesiologist’s exam will be performed regardless of the type of operative intervention indicated. It will take 1 day to complete.

Sinus Surgery

The ENT specialist will recommend 1 of the following endoscopic surgeries:

  • Simple FESS (removal of nasal polyps or ethmoid sinus cysts)
  • Extended FESS (removal of nasal polyps or maxillary sinus cysts)
  • Septoplasty (correction of deviated septum)
  • Septoplasty + simple FESS
  • Septoplasty + extended FESS
  • Septoplasty + conchotomy
  • Septoplasty + simple FESS + conchotomy

The price of the surgeries includes 1 day of hospitalization and a follow-up ENT exam that will take on post-operative day 4.

You will be able to go home approximately a week to 10 days following the surgery.

Sadly, sinus problems causing chronic sinusitis and a slew of other symptoms will not go away on their own, and can’t be treated by medications. The stuffed nose and headaches will eventually grow stronger, to the point they can no longer be relieved by pain-killers, and affect your day-to-day activities more and more. But that’s not even the worst part – left untreated, sinus problems will lead to more severe problems including inflammation with formation of pus pockets. Don’t waste precious time – contact us now to sign up for deviated septum treatment & septoplasty in Israel today and begin your road to recovery!

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