Manor’s Dental Screening in Israel program includes an examination of oral cavity organs, tissues and mucosa, as well as the oro-maxillofacial area, and the upper part of the neck. Prior to the screening, the treating dentist will familiarize him or herself with your medical history and your complaints. During the dental exam they will thoroughly examine your teeth (including dentition, assessment of shade and teeth sensitivity, condition of enamel, plaque accumulation, and presence of dental caries and periodontal pockets).

One of the most important tools utilized during the exam is an X-ray, which will allow the treating specialist to assess the state of your facial bones and rule out fractures and inflammatory changes, and of your nasal accessory sinuses. Additionally, it allows to identify foci of caries which are otherwise difficult to spot, and rule out tooth fractures and presence of foreign bodies.

Dental Exam & Screening Program Cost

  • Panoramic dental X-ray
  • Teeth cleaning and plaque removal
  • CT scan of oral cavity (if indicated)
  • Senior dentist’s consultation

Treatment recommendations (if indicated) will be determined based on the results on the dental exam. The aforementioned investigations will take 1 day to complete.

The dental exam & screening program is intended for patients over the age of 25

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