A cataract is a condition when the eye lens becomes cloudy, which causes a decrease in vision. Although cataracts are extremely common, left untreated they can eventually lead to blindness. Common symptoms include blurry vision, faded colours and reduced night vision. In some cases the pupil develops a yellowish or grayish tint. Some patients also reports flares. While early on the symptoms can be managed with eye glasses, more advanced stages require cataract surgery.

The most common cause of cataracts is aging – in fact, they are the leading cause of vision loss in people aged over 40. However, the disease can also develop due to trauma, exposure to UV light, smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as certain skin diseases and due to genetic factors.

Cataract Surgery Cost

Cataract surgery is the most common form of cataract treatment. As our specialists need to fully assess the extent of the cataract(s), the first stage of our program will involve a thorough ophthalmologic investigation. Please note that the tests listed below constitute the basic program. Depending on the findings, further investigations may be required.

  • Ophthalmologist consultations (preliminary and follow-ups), IOP measurement and fundus exam
  • Preoperative preparation including an ECG, and blood work up (CBC, CMP and coagulation factors)
  • Operative procedure
  • Disposable materials & IOL (artificial lens)

Expected arrival to Israel: 2-3 days prior to your operation.

Expected departure: 10 days following the procedure.

All diagnostics and treatment will take place at Assuta Hospital's and its Atidim Center.

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